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Yuting Chen, a visionary cross-disciplinary designer from China, explores the convergence of technology and spatial cognition through immersive performances and kinetic installations.


With degree from Nanjing University of Science and Technology and distinction from a master's program at UCL's Bartlett School of Architecture, Yuting has honed her craft in architectural studios and as an assistant curator.


Now, as a professional space and interaction designer in the new media art industry, she channels her focus into AR, VR, kinetic installations, and robotic arms to unlock the realm of spatial cognition. Her notable projects, such as Pneuma Cycle and Vocal Candy, invite audiences to contribute their energy and bodily data, forging captivating aesthetic experiences.


- The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) 

  09/ 2024 - 06/2028

  PhD student 

  School of Design, Environment and Interior Design

- University College London 

  09/ 2019 - 12/2021

  Graduate with distinction.

  Master in Architecture Department, Design for Performance and Interaction 



- Nanjing University of Science and Technology 

  09/ 2015 - 06/ 2019

  B.A in Environmental Design 

 · GPA 3.8 School Special Scholarship, School First Scholarship 

 · 2 published essays: 

   Yuting Chen. Inheritance and Design of Architectural Decoration Culture in Nanjing Republic of China[J]. Furniture and interiors. 2018 

   Ying Cao, Yuting Chen. Study on the Inheritance Design System of Traditional Architectural Decoration Culture Genes in Sunan[J].Design, 2018(19) 



- Columbia University in the city of New York 

  09/ 2017 - 01/ 2018

  Exchange Program, Architecture Department 

 · Completed 4 core courses and 2 essays. 

 · Design work presented in the 2017 Year show 


- Research Assistant - PolyU

 03/2024 - 09/2024

· Curated the Phygital Meta-Archive: An Immersive Alternate Hong Kong-verse for the PolyU School of Design 2024 Degree Show, which reinterprets the past, present, and future of Hong Kong through a blend of virtual and physical models, VR content, and interactive experiences.

· Researched for the project on the phygital workspace. The outcomes of this research have been documented in a paper published in Frontiers in Built Environment.

- Metaverse R&D Designer - Fab-Union

 07/2022 - 10/2023

· Independently participated in the curating, landing and operating of online and offline exhibitions, and completed six exhibitions. Among them, an exhibition themed on the Phygital Twin was exhibited at the West Bund Art and Design Fair, one of the most influential art festivals in Asia.

· Explored projects in all scales ranging from practical, sustainable architecture to parametric designs and prototyping ideas.


- Space Designer in Blackbow Creative Design Institution

  11/2020 - 06/2021 

· Deeply involved in Beijing Temple( Dong Jing yuan) immersive night show, including concept development and installation design, performance management.

· Participated in the planning and landing of immersive shows and exhibitions in Luoyang Dahehui. Participated in the design and curation of interactive installations for Glow Shenzhen 2020 (city light festival).

· Participated in the design and planning of the immersive game center for Tencent.

- Participated Artist at Tate Britain


· Worked as a participated artist in ‘Late at Tate Britain Bauhaus Recoded Event’ as a member of Interactive Architecture Lab, Bartlett, UCL.



- Architecture Intern in Update Studio

  01/2019 - 03/2019

· Participated in Project planning for OFF-ESC pop-up series exhibition (Site Research /3D Modelling/ Physical Modelling/ 2D Drawings/ Renders ) and drawing a detailed construction plan (completed with construction designer). 


· Participated in the design of the Dolphin Children’s Bookstore project (Site Research/ Manage client needs and communicate with the design team / 3D Modelling / Physical Modelling /2D Drawings/ Renders). The project finally landed in Wuhan.



- Exhibition Design and Research Intern in Deji Art Museum 

  10/2018 - 12/2018

· Participated in curating exhibition affairs since the early stage for Physics of Chenqi, including designing the size of the 8-sided exhibition wall in the exhibition area of 1200 square meters, according to the specific requirements of the curator's concept map.


· Organised public education activities and served as the primary speaker. 



- Architecture Intern in Wuxi Construction Design Research Institute Co., Ltd.

  06/2017 - 08/2017

· Participated in design team responsible of Taihu New City Neighbourhood Center, China, construction starting 2017. 


· Contributed to designing renewed commercial planning, commercial block design and scheming ceiling details in the complex (3D Modelling/ Physical Modelling/ 2D Drawings/ Renders). 


· Organised Brochures for the clients (3D Modelling/ 2D Drawings/ Renders) 



06/ 2017  Shortlisted in New Star Design Awards international competition.

06/ 2018  Won first prize in Jiangsu Province in National College Student Art Exhibition.

03/ 2019  Outstanding student in Cinematic Interpretation of Spatiality: A    

               Workshop and Symposium held by the architecture department of                

               Nanjing University and Cambridge University.

                      Team project exhibited in Naxing Gallery, Shanghai.

11/ 2019  Team project exhibited at ‘Late at Tate Britain Bauhaus Recoded Event’

                as a member of Interactive Architecture Lab, Bartlett, UCL.

08/ 2020  Outstanding student in Shanghai Space installations and Material

               Exploration International Exhibition held by Tongji University.

                     Two team projects got exhibited in Yi Feng Galleria, Shanghai.

09/ 2020  Solo online exhibited in J.Ran Space, Shanghai.

06/ 2021  Shortlisted in Youth Technology and Art Support Program held by Raiden INST.

06/ 2021  Team project First, light exhibited in Aranya Theatre Festival, 300 Migrator birds.

06/2023   Team project "Ice Watching" exhibited in Aranya Theatre Festival 2023 and Canal Dream Art Festival, London.

10/2023   Project "Resilience in ruins"exhibited in Sustainable Art Festival 2023 in Tank Shanghai

10/2023   YDGx 706 Youth | Evolutionary Space Global Exhibition Chief Curator

                       organized and executed a multi-city global exhibition tour in Shanghai, Los Angeles,                           Berlin, Chiang Mai, Dali, Jingdezhen, and Shenzhen that received widespread         

                       acclaim and media coverage.


                        In collaboration with the global community of 706 Youth Space, co-hosted events                                across distributed sites, aiming to establish simultaneous connections between

                        communities, ushering in a revolutionary form of spatial art exhibition.



- Software: 

  Modelling:Autocad / Rhinoceros (V-ray) / Sketch Up /

                     Fusion 360 / Keyshot/ Cinema 4D 

  Visual: Adobe Station (Photoshop / Illustrator / In-design / Premiere / Flash) 

  Programming:Blender/ Processing/ P5.js / Runway Machine learning /

                           Unity / Unreal Engine/ Touchdesigner


- Language: 

  Mandarin Chinese (Native)/ English(Fluent) 

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